When does teenage start

Is your teen addicted to social media networking sites? Does he refuse to let go of his android phone and when does teenage start games all day? Does it worry you that he may be losing touch with reality?

If you can identify to any of the situations above, read on to know more about teens and social media addiction. Teenage Addiction To Social Media:Your teen may have been an outgoing and fun-loving child, but of late whenever you see him, he is on his computer, tapping away at the keyboard. If your teen spends more time on various social media sites than he does with real people in real environments, he is probably addicted to social media. Causes Of Teenage Social Media Addiction:Why are teenagers addicted to social media? He may be feeling overwhelmed, curious, lonely, bored, stressed, depressed or even anxious about something and may decide to go online to kill time. Once in the virtual world of the social media, he will most likely forget his worries and feel better.

It will set the precedent for the next time he feels bored, lonely, depressed or stressed. Your teen may feel disconnected from his family and even from his friends. It could be because he feels like a misfit, or that he does not conform to the way that other friends or people around him behave or think. It could cause your teen to feel confused or frustrated, and the only place where he feels he can be himself without feeling out of place is the social media. If your teen is overly shy, he may find it difficult to connect with friends in a real setting. Social media can give him the perfect platform to meet new people and make friends.