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DVD 3Videos yogakids marsha wenig DVDs for Children. Learn pilates, yoga, baseball, basketball, bowling, tennis, golf, karate, jump rope and soccer.

See our catalog at bottom of page. Teaching Kids How to Play Tennis DVDCoach Dick Gould makes learning the basic skills and strategies of tennis easy and fun! He provides the students with step-by-step instruction, designed to develop their confidence and skill level. This comprehensive DVD is an invaluable guide for young players, parents and coaches. Few coaches in the history of any sport have been able to reach the level of success that Dick Gould has achieved at Stanford. After coaching for 38 years and winning 17 national titles, Coach Gould retired at the end of the 2003-04 season and assumed the position of Director of Tennis. Coach Gould was named the “Intercollegiate Tennis Association Coach of the Decade” in the 1980s and again in the 90s.

Karate for Kids DVDHip, upbeat music keeps the work-out fast-paced and fun! Health, fitness, safety, confidence and positive values are important elements of this specialized sport that focuses on self-improvement. Includes a beginners, intermediate, and advanced workout. In Level 1, Karate instructor Ted Nordblum takes the kids through a hip and upbeat workout teaching basic karate stretches and techniques. Karate instructor Brandon Gaines, a third-degree black belt, hosts level 2, which builds on the basics by showing kids the application of karate techniques and adding some new moves that are a little more difficult. Level 3 features sixth degree black belt and international Karate Champion Kenn Firestone, leading three proficient young black belt students in advanced karate techniques.

Health, fitness and positive values are all a part of this fun and fast paced program that will motivate and energize kids. Winning Soccer: Youth Soccer Games DVDPlanning a practice that motivates players to learn, train hard, and most importantly, enjoy the game is a fundamental responsibility of every soccer coach. Players of all ages and ability levels want to be excited, enthused, and entertained while they learn. This DVD provides coaches with a variety of games that will nurture the technical, tactical and physical development of their players. The games are competitive, fun to play and can be easily adapted to a wide range of ages and abilities. Joseph Luxbacher has been involved in the sport of soccer for more than 30 years as both a player and a coach. Luxbacher is the head men’s soccer coach at the University of Pittsburgh and has twice been named Big East Athletic Conference Soccer Coach of the Year.