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I recommend that you volunteer to keep the scorebook at your kid’s youth basketball games. It’s fun and it’s really not that hard to youth sneakers online once you get the hang of it.

Plus, you’ll be close to your kid and involved in the game. Finally, a good scorekeeper is a valuable asset for the coaching staff. Read this three part series of posts to learn how to keep score. There are stats that are vitally important for the management of the game and there are stats that are “nice to have” for the coaching staff to evaluate a game.

The total points scored by a player or team. An offenisve player is awarded an assist when a successful pass leads to a 2 or 3 point basket. The scorer must move directly toward the basket when they get the pass for the passer to be credited with an assist. A player is awarded a rebound when they successfully control the ball after any missed shot whether it rebounds off the basket or rim or not. If you want to get crazy with stats you can record offensive rebounds and defensive rebounds. A defensive player is awarded a steal when he or she successfully takes possession of the ball from an offensive player. This can be done by intercepting a pass, deflecting a pass to a teammate, swiping a ball from an offensive player and controlling it or batting a ball from an offensive player’s hands to a teammate.