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Click “Correct” to open the “Correction form”. There you can add structure tags, correct typos or add missing words. Send your correction and get karma points! Result of your work will appear after moderating. This happened to me, so I think it’s really accurate. In that position, you just want the other to tell the truth, that they just grew apart, that they no longer love you as they used to.

It’s the most painful thing to be with someone who doesn’t love you anymore. So all you want is for them to find the courage to say, “i don’t love you like i did yesterday” because you yourself can’t say it. This song is about a relationship that didn’t work out. However, as time went on, they grew to realize that maybe they weren’t meant for each other. They don’t love each other like they did before. My chemical romance managed to make a more beautiful and heartbreaking love story in 4 minutes than stephanie myer did in 4 books and 5 movies.

Whenever I here this song my heart breaks, it is honestly the most beautiful songs. I reckon it means like these people are completely in love but the girl is having second thoughts and like shes trying to hide it because she really cares for this guy, but it’s showing ad he can tell. So eventually she’s getting more and more emotionless when theyre together and he realises that she doesn’t love him anymore. At least not like she used to. When he leaves, she realises that she did truly care about him, even though she may not have loved him the same way anymore. And so she’s sad because she screwed up something she’ll never be able to get back. Omfg I’m getting teary writing this.

Heart broken I swear to god. This song is just so beautiful, well done mcr. I can totally relate with this song. I used to be so obsessed with my ex girlfriend and do whatever she wants me to do. I was being fooled, she cheated on me twice. How blind I was the first time she did that and forgave her easily. The second time was different, I felt like she doesn’t deserve my love and my every effort or maybe my love for her has already died.

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